Welcome to the World, Simon Carter on Diabetes

I thought I’d start this blog with an excerpt from 6 Tricks of Better Diabetes Management, which is available to people who sign up to ManageBGL.com or who sign up for our newsletter.

To focus these goals, remember that your goal as a PWD (person with diabetes) is to avoid both:

  • short term complications ie hypos, and
  • long term complications such as kidney failure, blindness, heart disease and nerve damage (which can lead to amputations. Yuck).

How do we avoid long term complications? Two Rules:

Rule 1. Have a low average blood sugar (indicated by your A1C test, less than 7.0% is good)

Rule 2. Reduce the big swings from high to low to high. Each swing damages the tiny blood vessels of the eyes, heart, kidney and fingers/toes. Not much, but it gradually builds up over time.

So without further ado, here is Part 1.

1. Ensure your Hypo Response food is appropriate

I know the temptation to devour huge amounts of ‘off-limits’ foods when you get low at 2am. But this is the worst thing you can do – remember Rule 2. Instead, use glucose tablets (4g carbs each) or jelly beans (3g – 5g each) or something cheap with a SMALL amount of carbs. Remember, you can easily have 3 jelly beans, but you can’t easily have a can of coke when you’re low. It’s waaaaaay too much sugar. Incidentally, you can tell PredictBGL what you use, and it will figure out how much you need when you are low.

5 Rules to go! Feedback welcome!